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“UFOs & missing time” In Ohio's Largest State Park


Tom Wertman the director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network in Ohio) told us a story about one of the strangest cases that he has ever investigated. It involves two men, some kind of low-flying craft with brilliant lights, and a chunk of missing hours. What makes this account even scarier is that it happened at night, without warning and in the wilderness.

We are talking about one of the strangest and most alarming phenomena out there “Lost/Missing Time”. What caused two avid outdoorsmen to return home with a three-hour gap in their conscious memory? Whatever it was it scared them to the point where they were unable to return to their normal lives. And wait until you hear what forensic analysis found on their clothing. 

Do you ever think that Ohio might be the center of the universe? I've not had that thought. I've been thinking that lately just everything has an Ohio connection to this is true or goes through Ohio. So would make sense that Ohio would have some really good uillfo abduction story. It's time for the invisible ship's podcast, where we talked about everything from true crime to the truly weird invisible ships podcast. Ready, protect Dan, we're back. We're back, Rick. I can't wait to get into tonight's episode. You know, the last couple that we did about the UIFOS, talking to the Thomas Wortman for move on have been just so amazing to me to hear these incredible stories and you think, yeah, no, I'm kind of it's better sweet because this will be the last of the initial anyway Thomas wortman interviews. So hopefully we'll get them back at some point, but this will be the end. But we kind of, I don't want to say say the best for last, but this is a cool one. Oh my God, the story that Thomas Wortman is going to tell us is one of those that they should make a movie out of it. It's a terrifying story and to think that it's true. It's going to make you rethink your time out in the woods, your summer camping plans. So what we're going to be talking about tonight involves missing time low flying craft, and it happened right here in Ohio. You know, how's largest State Park, the Wilderness area of Salt Fork State Park. Let's get into it, okay, let me set this up for you. So we talked to Thomas Wartman and you guys heard the last two episodes where we took the different things that he was telling us about ufos and cases he investigated, and we presented that to you and there were some amazing stories. Like my brother said earlier in the Intro, you could say that maybe we save the best for last, because this story is phenomenal. It was so good that we had to go down to salt fork. Remember, we went down there. We went camping earlier this month. Also happened to be right when the big foot convention was going on. Maybe not a coincidence? Yeah, but yeah, we did, and we scoped out the places based on the story and from talking to Thomas Wortman, because he went down and we got I think we got a pretty clear approximation of the area right and looked around im I think we know where these guys were fishing when they had their experience and it's salt fork state park. The lake there is is really weird. The tapes right, I mean it goes off in like all different directions like octopus. Yes, is always little inlets and stuff. So finding it is tricky, but Thomas Wartman told us where to look and we put some pictures up on our web page from where we were at. I think we maybe found the remnants of their campfire. Now, maybe that's a stretch. Has Happen in two thousand and fourteen? Yeah, well, I mean I wouldn't say they're camp fire, but the fact that there was camp fire reminants there shows it's one of the places that people go to fish. Right. So it all lined up and you know, we could see the trees that they spoke about, seeing the craft go over, and then, you know, like what you're saying, we went there because we did. We like big foot, all right, do anyway. So we went to big foot convention and that would come up in some future episodes, but I don't think it's any coincidence that there's certain places kind of like a skinwalker ranch, you know, out West, where there's just all bunch of weirdness around it. So maybe there's something going on there and who knows what the actual story is. I don't know what Salt Fork State Park is kind of known as one of the places of High Strangeness in Ohio. It's a one missing person spot. Where we were at, were these fishermen were at, is right near Ho sex cave and there's a ghost story tied to that. Like a fortune old girl tragically died. She fell off the top of the ledge down there.

I knew that. What's the ghost story? I think that she supposedly haunts the area and later on when we play you guys interview, I think Thomas Warman kind of briefly mentions it. How they heard the scream and there's like a ghost story associated around that area. Okay, because I remember the scream associated with the possible big foot. Yeah, or a possible bobcat is one of the things. I think like. That's the least likely it could be that we are. I was playing some bobcat sounds last night for my wife Lori Animal. They make some crazy noises. I mean like it would scare the hell out of you if there is a bomb cat outside your ca yeah, I mean, that's ever here. I like a rabbit. It killed out in the woods. It sounds like a person screaming. That's tragic. It's tragic, but that's why when you listen to people talk about big foot and stuff like that, and the one guy that we talked to, hopefully we can get them back on he's like an experienced hunter, like those are the people I like, because I don't know what anything in the wood says, but he does. I don't think many people have been able to totally debunk the story that you're about to hear, even if that noise was made by a bobcat. The rest of the stuff that happened is really kind of hard explained and it's interesting that there's some physical evidence involved in this case. Yeah, I know. It's really cool to look at on the page too, because Rick's got some type of programming or APP that makes it look like an actual books. He can turn through it real easy and it's cool. I mean they really did this analysis on it and there are some unexplained you know, like aluminum and chemicals and stuff like that. I'm interesting. Yeah, it's crazy and you should check it out. Check out our web page. I'm like freaking wizard on that thing now, like keep, keep trying to step up the game. Tell us the salt fork story. Yeah, it's one that it came in. I got remembered exactly. It was like going back now, like two thousand and two thousand and fourteen, something like that. Two Thousand Fourteen, two thousand and twelve, and it happened right around the end of August. What happened is I got a call from the gentleman's passed away. Now. He was involved with move on and getting specialized reports, because when the reports come in a move on they would review them quickly to find out what the report consisted of, and there were certain reports that they didn't, you know, separate out for any reason other than this is a higher profile case, we won't make sure somebody is experienced in that state to be able to do a good job with it. Well, this case came in of a couple people reporting missing time. What had happened is these two gentlemen, one was in his forties, one was about nineteen, had gone fishing about every weekend for a couple of years and the relationship was the forty year old had a daughter in the nineteen year old dated the daughter, but their relationship was really I that's what I said. It's like father and son. One could almost start a sentence in the other can finishing. Well, these two gentlemen went down fishing every weekend. They found a fishing hole down by salt work. They would go down here every weekend that the weather was decent. They had a routine they would do. They would go down new parked your pickup truck in a little parking area. They set a canopy up. They put their coolers and stuff under a canopy. They put their chairs right at the edge of the water with their poles going out over the water kind of braced up. They would also get those glow sticks and welcome to their fishing poles at night so they can see if there is...

...any movement on. They build a fire up. They put wood on this fire and they played a game that every half hour they would put red oak on the fire and they would guess how close they could come to this half hour increment as a game all night long. So they see up all night long and they fished and this routine had gone on for the last couple years. Well, this one given night goes back to out of member here, at Twenty eight and twenty nine of August, they were out fishing. Weather was decent. Their favorite spot. They had a great UN to lake. You look across the lake and every other night. But this night they were down there, they could see a lanterns on the other side of lake where they said there's a couple of guys who would fish all night long like them, but they said they probably did more drinking than fishing and it was just their habit on the other side of the lake. But on this given night they weren't there. So they're out there fishing, doing the thing about checking the fire, rebating the hooks every half hour and about and thirty at night they see this light coming low on the horizon. It was not as big as the moon, but it definitely wasn't a star. They said it was if you held your arms out of arms length. They says roughly about the size and nickel at arms length. They said the light was to the north and it was traveling low over the tree lines. The one out on a little part of the edge of the lake which kind of extended a little bit further to kind of walked up the edge. They walked out as far as they could. They're washing US light like this go slowly across the sky, slowly across the sky and before disappeared. They said it just kind of felt like they got bored and walked back to where they're fishing poles were and went right back to fishing. They just kind of like blew the whole thing off. Well. That the reason they also chose that spot is they had the cell phone contact with the wife and the girlfriend all night long and their family been checked on them make sure they're okay and also to find out how the fishing was going. Send thirty, the light was there. disappeared. Eleven thirty another light comes over. They see this other light coming overhead. It's traveling over. They watch it for a little bit in the light just kind of disappears off in a distance. They're doing the routine again, putting the logs on the fire, guessing the thirty minutes and they're getting the point. They said he is about the time to put what on the fire again. No, no, it's not thirty minutes yet, and when the guys check the cell phones and Noe, we got a few more minutes yet. So one of the guys is up bating his hook. It's about thirty in the morning, roughly on are the nineteen year olds baiting his hook. The other one setting in a lawn chair by the lake and they hear this shrill cry. They said sounded like a woman off in a distance, and they said the cry of freak him out so bad that they nearly threw everything back in there the truck and took off, but for some reason they didn't. They said, okay, let's just stick it out, but you take or somebody so like two years, going to the same site for two years straight. The noise off at a distance like Russell of the tree shouldn't really be scaring some at that point, but they almost packed it in and the left. It is side this day. So they continue to think that. The nine year olds bating a hook, forty year olds setting his chair. Next thing you know, the forty year olds looking around sach some doesn't seem right,..., this does not seem right. He pulls his cell phone that looks at it and it's by nineteen they have no clue what happened between one thirty and five nineteen in the morning. The nineteen year old is still baiting his hook yet standing by the edge of the lake and they're like, I wouldn't be standing by the edge of the lake three and a half hours painting a look, you know, make any sense now? The fire was completely burned out. It was gone. Well, at that point when he knows the fire was completely burned out. It was daylight. That's when they said they got the heck out of there. They had a change of clothes, they got other fishing year through everything in the back of a pickup truck, took off and they drove probably rough about eighty miles or so or more back home and they dead drive up seventy seven on the way home and the forty girls says I drive eighty miles an hour everywhere I go. I don't hesitate. Well, they documented all this with the individual moof on when they called a report in. Craig Lane was the guy's name. He calls me up says hey, Tom I want you to look at a case. He says this one's down and Sawt Forka just came in. I'm writing it up now. The guys gave it to me over to phone and he says would you look into us? And sure, I'll do it, man. So a little bit later about our so later he gets me to case, but in that our time frame. He'd give me their names and I said, you know, I'm going to find out as much as I can about this case before it even comes in, and sometimes I like to challenge myself like this. So what it is? Number one is I had their names and stuff. I said, okay, let's go look at flight my flight tracking software, and let's see what aircraft is in the region at that time frame. Well, I found thirty two. First Time they saw the light slow in the sky, buck size and nickel. The closest aircraft in that direction was like fourteen miles off. So they've been able to see that or what it appeared really small out now when I pulled it up, my flight tracking software tells me the altitude, air speed and I can even take its coordinates and put them into Google Earth and I can see the map going across the US exactly where they're at. It was too low for them to see. Okay, see it. So I mean I had in the wax explanation. Now it doesn't mean that something wasn't flying without a transponder or flying like we talked about earlier, potentially really, really low. But the thing was the size of the nickel and they heard no sound whatsoever. So it had to be fairly close, I mean being that big. Eleven thirty I got a hit. One thirty there is a quest medical technology's airplane coming directly overhead. I think it's a beachcraft. Fifty eight was going overhead like eightzero sheep. So the second satellites that they saw was the aircraft. The Times matched. I took and dropped in the coordinates directly on Google Earth where they were at and I had a perfect match for what they were seeing. Eleven thirty, they heard this for a woman's voice by check out what houses were near, and there was a house clear across the lake. But they didn't report any lights or nothing over in that side that they saw. But the other thing that comes up with the Salt Lake Down here is it also has some of the highest numbers reports at big foot in the state of Ohio. Does where we're going there, and one of my buddies is a big foot hundred and I was actually after we talked last time, Rica was actually down there in that area... Hawking County doing an investigation. Okay, but that's a whole whole another day, another show. You. I'm talking about big foot one of these days. Yeah, yeah, I love that. Well, in this case I couldn't, you know, I didn't have explanation for the sound. But then I started. I said, okay, have exhausted all of my aircraft in area. Let's go back now, let's start looking up their background. Let's see if they're posting like on facebook all the time, but UFOS. Let's see what, if they're on any blogs and anything else, I found nothing related that. What s where? Even went into their linkedin page to see what their jobs were, and one of the things I had in mind is to go down to salt pork and take them back down to salts work. And in this environment anymore it's kind of scary sometimes you take you go out with people like, do you really know who these people are? You so, for the heck of it, I went and looked at court dockets and actually found something that maybe one of the invasials that had a problem more like relay if anything, was going back to drinking a number of years ago, nothing recent, but a long time ago. Some like, okay, I don't sing anything serious in this. So I did all this research. Besides doing googler shots the whole region, I did layouts so if I went back down I had basically photographs there I could taken right on marking the whole region where they're at. So I had all these prenouts done. This information comes into a call the witness that I confirm everything that was in the report, basically in the groundabout way, not directly, but you know, I let them tell me stuff and I kept and I started like okay, now tell me about this, and I was trying to, you know, basically fill the whole report in confirming everything they said. And it didn't appear that they were telling me any stories whatsoever. I mean they were still shook up. They even sent me photographs where they said we've got markings on her skin, racious that we can't explain. And I mean getting these photographs, I can't help but think, you know, I wonder if some of these guys on the TV shows get photographs like some of the ones I got. I bet they never did, but you can hear the panic in their voice. So I said, okay, you know, here's why I like to do I said, would you be willing to drive right back down right now the salt work? And I said by time I get to your place and then we D I've down the soft work. It's going to be starting to get evening again by time we get there. And I said just to let you know, but I'd like to reenact everything on the site as soon as possible, and they agreed to do that. Now, this time, when we went down, I met them at a truck stop part way there. They brought the the wife and a girlfriend along, maybe because he needed support. But the guy says, Hey, I just want to let you know I drive eighty the whole way man, and he did. He was eating the whole way down and I'm thinking, move on. Does Not pay my speeding tickets. You know, it's kind of weird how he has to drive any like well happen if he doesn't? And he done. I mean he did. I mean he's just flying. We get down to salt work. He takes me back the area which I already had all the photographs from Google Earth of that whole region because they told me where. He told me where he was, so he's able to map out the exact location. said all these aerial views. I can start writing one making notes. We get down there and they have them reenact how they got there, how they said everything up, where everything was at, so you can get photographs and stuff in detailed...

...everything involving everything. We reenacted everything that night and it got dark. There's maybe about, don't about ten o'clock. I'm going out a memory here, and you could see the nineteen year old starting freak out at any little sound he heard. You could hear twig cracker and he's about to jump out of his shorts. The way I always describe him as he was kind of like Barney fight at that point. He was just so high strung. The forty year old was also high strung, and what was interesting is our conversation on the phone earlier. I don't know how, but he told me where it was from. I said yeah, I used to teach martial arts in that area. He was really, do you know so? And so I said Yeah, I know this other instructor. I said he's very good friends of the owner of my school and he told me how many years he studied martial arts and by knowing his instructor, of he he was kind of like some crack pot was on the loose. He would have been cut right away. They would got him out of there. Okay, so you kind of is almost like you back instructor vouts for his character. Yeah, roundabout where exactly. By knowing how long he was there at, the instructor basically said this guy's a good quality character. Well, we went down, we reenacted the whole thing. I got the guy actually said Hey, can I take the clothing? Yeah, you can have it. So I got their clothing from him that night, the ones they taken off, and while I was talking to the stack up someone that the nineteen year old when he heard that sound off at a distance. This is when I jokingly call it my spidey sense on Eric kicked in and I don't know why, but I had this kind of like a burning, such sensation go from my body that something was there, something was going on. I don't know what it was. I couldn't see anything, I don't know what it was, but I just had this feeling where my body just kind of lights up. Well, we eventually got to the point that we kind of got ready to pack it up and during the evening I also noticed that the forty year old had a tattoo on his hand. was kind of unusual, as an unusual tattoo's kind of unique. I said, what's that for? He goes, well, I made a change in my life at a certain point and the Tattoo designates that change in my life. Well, I got thinking. I saw in the pass where he had potentially drinking problem and then the career field he was in. That's not unusual and I think what he is he made a change in life to get his whole life streaking got himself tattooed. It kind of were interesting how you holistically look at what you're investigating like that. Yeah, it's kind of like why these people have these things. Also, you know, these sensations, these experiences, and we started to leave. We started going back home, probably by eleven o'clock that night. I mean it was really dark out there. We're driving back. We're going back up seventy seven. Before you get too far away, he's going eighty miles now. Already. Boom, zero eighty. We're going up seventy seven and if you go down that way. I mean there's cell phone towers along seventy seven. We get to a point, we come around the bed and here's this light from a cell phone tower directly above a tree line in front of me. He slows down to fifty miles an hour, if not, maybe down about forty five. He slows down until we get past a cell phone tower and the lights no longer do. Then who back up TA? I'm like, he didn't even notice he slowed down up there on that. So I didn't say any to him...

...about I don't think it was at night. By calling back up later and said, you know, I said how fast it is driving away back he was eighty. Has it not all the weighted, but he talked about I said there's a point you slowed down to about forty five. Forty Fund, Forty Five, fifty? Oh, no, not me. Yeah, you did, trust me, I was behind you. He never knew it and I think something about that light was like a flashback in his mind. It brought back some sort of a member work that Hittie. Well, they were too afraid to go out their house after that night. They went back home. They didn't work for like two weeks something, but that's that's upsetting. I mean it's real PTSD. Yeah, and they all stayed, by the way, in the same room in a house. The nineteen year old stayed there. That mean the girlfriend, the boy, without all like sleeping in the living room, enter all together. Yeah, that's something is terrifying them. Yeah, and he says we didn't go out, we didn't go to work for two weeks and then we went back to work. We had to be back before dark. They were totally paranoid about being at out after dark. Well, what I didn't tell them is the following immediately is a following weekend after it happened, I got some more equipment in to do research and I drove back down to salt fork at zero in the morning. I got there three in the morning. One is to see if the stories they were telling me was true, that they were too scared to go out at night, and if this is her favorite fishing hole for last couple of years and they did what they claim they were doing, is being down there every weekend. I would have caught them down here because it was a nice, nice weekend. We get down there and there's nobody in sight except a fisherman on the other side of the lake who were drinking ready fishing, said yeah, yeah, just like they said. So I get out and I started walking around the whole region, not just where they were at. I got up detectors looking for any electronic fields and a magnetic anomalies, things along those lines. Radio Frequencies I was looking for in that region. And I'm walking around that whole area where they were and I said okay, now let's start expanding the regional so I started going farther and farther out and I got to a point where, I mean I've got this flash light out looking at my equipment. All of a sudden my whole body again lit up like a freaking Christmas tree and I just had almost like this burning sensation and I looked down I was standing in a perfect circle of that grass. It wasn't from like somebody burning a fire. Wow, that's was just dead. Did you take any photos? Yeah, I guess. I took some photos of the area and I said, you know, I'm going to take samples in this area besides other samples I had. So I took soil samples around that whole region and I still had my little maps with before googler. So what I did is I met, I've measured, from a reference point, which is a very large tree. From that reference Tree I measured out in all different directions using a compass and mark where I took my samples from. So I took not only samples where I was at, but also control samples around the area, put them at a box and then I took in kind of it's once I got all samples round up, probably getting about five in the morning. And, by the way, when I had that burning sensation, I forgot to mention when at that burning sensation, I thought, whatever happened, I think... happened right here, not where they were at, where you're fishing at, but here. It's worst happened at it was just a sensation and that's why I look down found the burnt hole in the ground. So I took all the samples back, took him over to a friend of mine who is a research scientist. That didn't analysis for me on it along up to clothing. So that took quite some time to get that report back because they we do it all on the volunteer basis and it went down to a spectroscopic level analysis that she did and she turned up, think about a thirty or forty page report on him, on the clothing that they had, and I'd had contact with them in the meantime. They were coming a little bit more back to normal. The nineteen year old was returning to normal more than the forty year old. Forty year old was really upset about the fact that he'd lost over three hours. He was a time control freak and his wife even said as much that he says he he doesn't say he saw Ufo, he just knows a fact he lost three and a half hours. He can't explain and has no idea. And one of the things I wonder the night we got together is where they drinking? You know, where they doing drugs? But I flipped afore the cooler open that they had with them. All that was in there was bottled water in their coolers. There was no alcohol. That he sort of he wouldn't be subsent about losing three hours if he was drinking. Yeah, that's it goes along with dry exactly, I mean. And that's what really got him. And he didn't drink. I mean he was he was unbottled water. You know, well, eventually the analysis of clothing came back and showed. I'm chemistry is not my strongest point, but the dame becomes to mind is something like an aluminium hyderroxide, which is basically an ingredient that would find him like Anna purse, Prince. Well, the thing that was unusual about one of my friends talked to me about it, as she says, but it's not under the arm pits, it's on parts of the clothing that you would not put anti purse or not. I said what? He goes, yeah, and she goes it's not on the nineteen year olds, on a forty year olds clothing. This is the one that's was like on. Well, in my friends collection she also has a piece of Betty Hills dress, Goodye, and Barney Hill Ufo case from the one thousand nine hundred and sixty. Yeah, the A. That's one of the earlier abduction cases. Well, she says, you know, that her dress changed color from like a there's like a dark blue to it, kind of like turned a purplish color in certain areas, and this was where they believed that they've been touched by the aliens. It's something from the aliens it kind of like came off and cost a dress which is only worn once to fade in certain areas. Do they find the same kind of chemical on her dress? Similar type of chemical on her dress? Interesting. So this might be something that shows up in these kind of cases, close encounters or whatever you call them. And one of the thoughts that she had was as maybe a something like a mold reacting. She didn't really know for sure. She wasn't really sure yet. But she found it also in a case out of Canada, a similar type of a thing. So the other things. She also knows from the clothes thing is the gentleman jacket, which was blue, had turned a little bit purplish pink. purplish pink really yeah, in certain areas.

Yeah, and again she thought she didn't know, she wasn't sure it was maybe something like a mold. If something was coming off of this being, whatever was was forming like a mold. It's almost like something that just so doesn't belong in our world touches something in our world houses this reaction. Yeah, and then when I got the soil samples back at showed to begin with, I'd never told her where I took the samples at or anything other than I had the boxes numbered and not an Americle sequence of any sort of the numbers are randomized and I said what's the result? She goes. Well, one of the containers has a high content of iron compared to all the rest of them. She goes. The other ones have like a decreasing amount of iron in the soil. That was higher than normal. I said really, well, she goes. Do you have a map? I said, of course, I got a map, I just never gave it to you. That's all. I wanted to keep the report completely, you know, Random Sto. When we drop the numbers back into the AP where I was standing at exactly had the highest iron content of the whole region. Wow, so your spighty sense actually use kind of verified there. Yeah, and then when you got way farther from that region, the iron content rock way down. Now is iron that kind of finding? Does that show up more and more in these kind of investigations where I've been told it. You know, one of the things to look at, is what they told me, is look for iron content the soil, because it's almost like something is pulling the iron up through the soil. Where you have a landing. We suggested, but I mean it just kind of blew my mind on both of those sighs. Would you say that circle was that like in diameter? It was about thirty six or more inches in size like that. Is that photograph something that you'd be able to let us look at or I'd actually if I can dig it out? Yeah, I mean if you can, if you do find it, I would love the just, you know, email that the email to copy or something. That would be fantastic to look at. I don't got some more close up use of it. And then some of them don't really show it that well for an angle. And here's another interesting part about that whole story. I called the witness back up at some point after I took the samples and said no, I went back out that that region. You guys haven't been fishing after have. He said, don't have been back. I said really? I said Yeah, I went down there one night at zero in the morning. You guys weren't there and I started talking to him. I see I was walking around at area and I said I I had one of the most unusual feelings in my life and before he said another word, the guy goes, was it over in this direction, about so many yards by this big tree. I'm like, how did they know that's where I was at? They weren't there, nobody was around. That was exactly where I had the sensation. That's something happened right there. The Guy told me where I was staying at where I had that sensation, because he probably felt the same way there, you know. Yeah, yeah, and it was just really wild and it's it was one of the most more unusual case of ever done. Okay, so thank you so much to Thomas Workman for...

...being on the show the last three episodes that we had them on. We're incredible and I love the way that he tells a story. If you want to hear more from him, I feel like we should mention this. He has his own podcast and it's fantastic. He is like seventy episodes. Is called you fodicy. I subscribe to him on spotify. I imagine his own other platforms as well. Yeah, he's just such. He's a great storyteller. He has an incredible eye for detail. He's in like just what's it? You know, true and true investigator. He's always bell of Northeast Ohio. Yeah, but yes, yeah, you're right. You know, because that I shouldn't throw shit our bell because he's an investigator in his own right. Yeah, so, yeah, for sure, but I do you know, like we were talking privately, like we both liked his approach, that he doesn't come in there with a single, you know, mindset that he's going to go approve aliens from this case or whatever, like he looks at things from all angles and yeah, you know, he's he's obviously open minded and, you know, he even thinks he may have his own psychic powers of his own. So he's not just a hundred percent a cynic, but he approaches from a cynical in the true sense fashion. So he's looking for facts and things that he can check out and double check and stuff like that. I definitely appreciate that. I want to let you guys know that we do have the report that was mentioned several times where the you know, they have a scientific analysis of the clothing that the fishermen were wearing, and we have there's like fifty five pages. I got it from the black fault, which is a site that does all kinds of different ufo disclosure stuff, but he did put it on our own web page to you know, it might just be easier. If you want to go to our web page. You can see it there or find it wherever the hell you want. But invisible shipscom. Yeah, invisible ships podcastcom get the web page answers right now. We have a lot more stuff come up those. So the rest of the summer we're going to be kind of doing more of the weird side of stories and cases from Ohio in the surrounding region. There's plenty of stuff to talk about. In fact, our camping trip to salt fork produced some interesting big foot stories from a yeah, no, I was just going to say one of my favorite things about doing this is that we get to go out and meet people and talk to people about all these different kinds of stories. And we had great conversations with a guide hung out with when we want camping or hopefully we'll get him on for an interview. Belong that those lines. Like we want to talk to you guys, so reach out, give us ideas, gives us stories, things that we can chase. We just love to have a good conversation. Yeah, and for all of our true crime fans, you know, if you have some ideas of case that you would like us to talk about. Send that along too. So just go to our webpage, our email and everything is right there. Yeah, so our email is ships invisible at gmailcom and our website is invisible ships podcastcom. Yep, we're on instagram and Youtube, by the way, if you're going to be doing all that, you may as well go ahead and subscribe to show if you don't already. And Yeah, don't forget to like, because that helps with the algorithms or something. But it's all about, you know, just the joy of sitting around and talking about all the weird kind of mysteries that we may never really be able to solve, but I think we need them and we need to talk about them. So we've really enjoyed this and we're really excited about what's coming up in the future. So everybody, just enjoy your summer. I remember next month you will foe disclosure from the government. So I'm sure that we're going to have a ton of stuff to be talking about when that happens in ufo summer, unless it's just like a big set up and then they don't really release anything. Like I would love to know go like one year in the future and see what we're going to be talking about like will be. We might still be unpacking the UFO disclosure from the government or we might just be like, you know what, that was all, just nothing. It's going to be able to redacted papers like thirtyzo pages, but once to dive into it, I will find something. Yeah,...

...well, I can't wait. So anyway, you guys. That's it for tonight, but we will be back soon and we're going to be bringing you some more stories of true crime and the truly weird the next time. shipmates invisible ships, all the cost of this show, maybe we produced anyway without the mission, called new rite invisible ships productions, and they'll see.

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