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Invisible Ships podcast

Episode · 7 months ago

UFO Disclosure or Deception?


The truth is out there and so are the lies..... 

By now almost everyone has heard that the U.S Government is expected to release a report this month on UFO sightings, how they are being investigated and what the U.S. military is going to be doing about them. We never thought we would live to see this but it is actually happening. In fact, the Defense Department has already declassified three videos that seem to show strange craft that move erratically and at times even seem to defy physics. 

So what does all of this mean? And more importantly, how can we trust the government after 70 years of lies, coverups, and secrecy to suddenly start telling us the truth about UFOs?  

For this episode, we invited our friend Fred from the Podcast Chronic Curiosity to go over all of our hopes and concerns about what the Government's report will and won't tell us. We get into some pretty deep stuff everything from quantum mechanics to New World Order PSYOP and what all of this has to with the UFO phenomenon. 

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