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Circleville Letters Part 1


 This is one of the weirdest true crime stories of all time. For years the town of Circleville Ohio was the traget of insane anonymous letters. As the years went by the letter writer uped his/her game to include arsenic and booby trapped signs. One man was sent to prison over this but it didn't stop the letters. The entire time Paul Freshour was in prison the letters continued and to this day no on knows for sure who was behind the Circleville Letters.


It's time for the invisible ship's podcast, where we talk about everything from true crime to the truly weird invisible ship's podcast. And then he started to ask me questions about the circle bow letters because he got interested in them also and had been keeping up on things. So once it bite you, it's hard to get rid of. I keep trying to find out, like, what is this sort of the omnipresent thing that this letter writer had? What is that? And it becomes more and more vague. Never believe a liar, even they're telling the truth. Yad's fascinating and addictance. So be careful, guys. This is a big case, you know, the circleville letters. It's just notorious. It's people discuss it on Internet message boards all around the world. It's in the upper echelon of unsolved weirdness and it's a case that is just fascinated people. For years we wanted to tell it, but we knew that we needed help to do it, and we that we have experts helping us do this podcast, and that is something that is so cool and so exciting. But in the next couple episodes we're also going to be bringing you their full interviews you get to hear our interview with Martin yet he's the worldwide authority on the CIRCLEVILLE letters. You know, if you saw unsolved mysteries when they covered this story, he's the guy that they go to and he's the guy that everyone wants to hear from when it comes to the Circleville letters, and so he agreed to talk to us. Super excited about that. Also excited about Marie May, who she is the host of the whatever remains podcast, a show that we've all been fans of just because of the way that she does her research and how thorough she is, and she's agreed to help us. We also have Michael Preeley. He's the author of a novel that was based off of the CIRCLEVILLE letters. It's called murder in the heart of it all, but with him we get into a really interesting conversation just about what made his letter writer character tick and we started kind of going into the psychology behind somebody that would be sniping at people through the mail like this letter writer was. We also went down to Circleville and we recorded interviews with some people that were the actual victims of the letter writer that I have never told their story to anyone before. We're going to be bringing all of this on the next couple episodes of the invisible ships podcast. Poison pen letters are usually unsigned, anonymous and malicious. There's a certain heat filled intimacy to these letters but no message board or email can quite capture. In fact, it's that high level of familiarity between the writer in the victim that makes these so troubling. The writer isn't just attacking a screen name or an online persona. He knows exactly who his victims are and even where they live. It's proof to the victim that they're being watched or that their secrets are about to come out. On this season of the invisible ship's podcast, it's all about familiarity turn rancid. We're going to be talking about the CIRCLEVILLE letters and it's a story that plays out like a Rustbelt Agatha Christie novel. It's the most famous case involving poison pen letters and it happened right here in Ohio, a shocking true crime story that remains unsolved to this day. It's not just about one man's campaign of Grievance. It's psychological tear over a thousand letters and postcards were sent out, targeting victims and harassing them through the mail. Some of the envelopes were found to contain arsenic and, as you can imagine, this doesn't end well. By the time the manic postal onslaught was finally over, one man was dead, another was falsely imprisoned, booby traps were set, families...

...were destroyed and an entire town was scandalized. So we got a town haunted by letters. And whoever is behind this, whoever's writing these things, knows a whole lot about people's business, especially what they do behind closed doors and in their bedrooms. Let's go through the timeline right now and just kind of lay out the basic pieces of the case. Residents got used to thinking of Circleville, the small Ohio town near Columbus, as a haven of midwestern peace and politeness. But in one thousand nine hundred and seventy six that all changed when people began finding strange, spiteful letter stuffed into their mailboxes. One of the first letters targeted school bus driver and Mary Gillespie. Written in large, shaky block capital letters, the writer accused Mary of having an affair with the Superintendent of schools, Gordon Massey there away from mess Donmar when questioned about knowing him. I know where you live, I've been observing your house and know you have children. This is no show. Please take it serious. Everyone concern has been very far and everything she overy Suon. Mary was understandably terrified. Her reputation, her career in her family were all on the line. Even worse, her children were being threatened. She didn't know what to do, so at first she did nothing, and that was a mistake. Mary decided to hide the letter. She didn't tell her husband, Ron, and she certainly didn't want her children to find out about this. For the first time ever, Mary felt a loss of control in her life. Somebody was watching her, monitoring her and now harassing her. Meanwhile, the writer was staying busy, just like he said that he would. Soon, people all over town began to receive similar letters. The letters all contained a bizarre mix of threats and town gossip. Most were postmarked from Columbus, were anonymous and contained no return address. At first glance, this might appear to be nothing more than just some kind of small town may relief vindictiveness, but there was something more to these letters. The writer claimed to know intimate, private details about the recipients lives. Someone was very, very angry. The letters all had one thing in common. They threatened harm, promised to destroy careers and expose secrets and even and marriages. And people were right to be worried when they spotted the male man. Many of the letters were right on the money with the accusations. The unknown letter writer knew a lot about their business. Life in Circleville was never going to be the same again. The gillespies weren't the only ones getting strange male. In March, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven letters began to arrive at the Westfall High School Targeting Superintendent Gordon Mancy. The letters to Massey actually pre date the ones marry and Ron received. There are plenty of similarities to suggest these letters are written by the same troubled individual. Massey's letters share the same block letter handwriting and, of course, contain a heavy emphasis on Gordon Massey being an unfaithful womanizer. Let's play that letter. You, sir. According to my girl friend, you've asked her to Goll many times. You thus other female bust drivers to do you position in their jobs with you should not do this the most all at once, for the good of the school and the families. If they are enough stopped, I'll be forced to work the school board and hate to to praim another man's Gul is untouchable, especially when they're out trying to make a living. There was also talked of you dating the married woman and taking advantage of them. Do you need the times and names again? Please think. Let's see just you find yourself a pimple face hool and start up with her and leave my girls alone. The writer was unwilling to give Massey any time at all to correct his behavior. In fact, the very next day he did what he threatened to do and he wrote the school board. That letter ledges that Gordon Massey is sexually harassing some of the school bus drivers at work for him, stating that Gordon Massey doesn't take no for an answer and accusing him of picking on the weaker ones. So we know the anonymous letter writer is very...

...focused on the sex lives westfall school employees, but how far is he willing to go with his allegations? The writer begins to double down on this theory that superintending Gordon Massey is using his power to force the school bus drivers into having affairs with him, and many letters to this school board and vice principle, the writer demands that they talked to the bus drivers before something, quote, drastic, happens. The writer claims the drivers are tired of Gordon Massey's advances and that they are scared of him. The writer says he knows all this is happening because his girlfriend is one of the bus drivers, that it's being harassed by superintending Gordon Massey, though. so that's a clue. Yeah, but he won't say who she is and we don't have any record of actual bus drivers bringing complaints or allegations against Massey. What about Mary Lesbie? Mary has never said anything about Gordon Massey harassing her at work and she's a married woman with kids, so probably isn't also someone else's girlfriend. But suddenly it becomes obvious that the letter writer has a very strange obsession for Mary Gillespie. Mary should be very concerned about all the intention the unknown writer is giving. On March eighteen, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, a buy now familiar looking letter with no return address was sent to Westfall high school attention, vice principle to school, talk to go to Massy about his affairs. I sh'll warn you. I know the truth. I want to protect your school. That has a good reputation. You should keep it like that. There shall send you proof about driver number six, two, nine, one seven. She has a child in the school they are now, but she'll prove the shortly or expect tim been to be discharged and you'll see that I'm telling you the truth. So there's just something about Mary that this guy can't leave alone. And this about the time the signs start popping up. Yeah, and these are just terrible. Whoever is writing the letters begins placing these deranged signs all along the roads of Circleville, essentially claiming that Superintendent Gordon Massey is having a sexual relationship with Mary Gillespie's twelve year old daughter. And the writer just isn't going after Mary, he's also going after a family. Yeah, remember, Mary's has been Ron already received one letter demanding he put a stop to the affair his wife is supposedly having. Right, but ron must have ignored that right. I mean, at this point he's got to think this guy's totally crazy? Yeah, for sure. And like why is he going to trust these anonymous letters over his wife? Maybe, but on April fourteen, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, Brian received a second letter, and this one is a lot different. One of the things that makes this letter different is the fact that the writer has included a return address. But there's absolutely no way that this is the writer's actual address. How do you know that? Well, because it's hundred and fifty ridgewood drive, Circleville, Ohio. That's going to Mascy's home address, right, and the writer is just playing head games with the glass piece. But the actual letter was a lot darker, wasn't it? Yeah, the let's be you've had two weeks and done nothing. You are a pig defender. You are also a pig. Make her admit the trust and informed the school board. If not, I will broadcast it on posters, signs billboards until the truth comes out. Only pigs ride motorcycles. Good hunting in your red and white truck on your way to work. Remember, she hung in his office constantly until she broke up his marriage at home. Contact People at the school. They are aware. They're starting to laugh and not only at her. Let her read this. If there's no lie, she knows I'm telling no lie. I followed him for weeks since last Sumber and of seeing her meet him several times. He knew of caught there would be trouble. He is not as serious as people think. He isn't concerned with your family, only himself. He can't have a fear some school boys and keep us draw he knows what I want. When he quits, all go away. All you have to do is talk and ask questions from the people who work there. You'll see this is new joke. Ron didn't seem to think this was a joke, though.

He can fight in his brotherinlaw, Paul Fresh Hour, and Paul Remembers Ron at that time. I'm going to quote Paul here. Paul says Ron was devastated and distraught. He didn't get much sleep during that period of time in his life. He was frantic. He would drive around an hour or two in the morning before a shift began, looking for any obscene posted signs. He went out of his way looking for the science to prevent his daughter and any other kids on his wife's school bus from having to see them. Ron worked very hard to figure out what this was really all about and to have the problem solved. So they came up with a plan right exactly. So Ron and Mary Gillespie, along with Paul fresh hour and his wife Karen, are just sitting around the kitchen table one night trying to figure out what they can do about the harassment and how to make it stop. And then they just decide to fight fire with fire. They start writing letters of their own and send them to the person they think is behind the letters they're getting. And did it work? It seemed too for a while, because the letters did actually stop for a bit. And I know what you're thinking. You want to know who they wrote the letters to. Done yet we don't know, because Marion Paul don't seem to remember, at least they're not willing to say who they were writing too. That's just kind of hard to believe. I now it's crazy, but it's a good bet that there was another bus driver named David Longberry. He was a strange person and we'll be talking about him and another episode. But you know what, this is just the calm before the storm. Yeah, this is where things really start getting deadly. So let's talk about Mary's vacation and Bron's accident. So on August seventeen, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, Mary's out of town. Ron Is home alone with the kids. So Mary went to Florida with some friends, probably to get a break from all the signs and threats and Letters. That evening, just before ten PM, as Ron was getting home from work, he heard the phone ringing. He picked it up and heard a voice that he recognized on the other end of the line. Now we don't know who was on the other end of that call, but we could be pretty sure ron believed was the person sending the letters. Why do you think that? Well, it's because of what he does next. He jumped into action, grabbed his gun, he kissed his daughter Goodbye and told her he was going to confront the letter writer. Around Twenty Five PM, his car was found wrapped around a tree. Ron Wasn't wearing a seat belt and was partially ejected through the windshield. Is pronounced dead at the hospital. According to the pickaway county sheriff's department, Glespie had a blood alcohol level one and a half times the legal limit. Amazingly, a forensic analysis showed that Ron's gun had been fired, but the bolt was never recovered and investigators can't determine why or when he would have fired the weapon. People close to Ron believe the sheriff's department had attempted to cover up a Ron glesbie's death by claiming that they had high levels of alcohol in the system and ruling the crash and accident. But GLESPIE's friends and family don't seem to remember Ron being much of a drinker and they're adamant that it would not be like Ron at all to leave his children home alone and go off trunk driving. And there may actually be a reason why the sheriffs, apart RMAD, would want to downplay this, because it's around this time that Sheriff Dwight Radcliffe was running for president of the National Sheriff's Association. Supposed he would eventually win some years later. Sheriff Radcliffe knew how hard it would be to get elected with just a lunatic letter writer in this community. It would be so much harder for him to get anywhere at all if that letter writer started killing people. Yeah, but never won to shy away from crazy. The letter writer himself thought the investigation was sloppy and grew angry when he Gillespie's death was publicized as an accident, the Circle Belle letter writer began sending letters to the townspeople urging a further, fuller investigation. Just because Mary was now widow didn't mean the mysterious letter writer was going to give her any piece. One of the more bizarre twist in the case took place in the morning of February seven one thousand nine hundred and eighty three. Mary was driving her school bus along its regular route, but she noticed a large sign at the intersection of Sodo Darby and five points Pike Road. What was written on the sign was an obscene personal attack against Mary's twelve year old daughter. Apparently, the creator of the sign wanted to let the world know that Courton Massey and Mary Glspie's daughter were having sexual relations. It was all way too much and Mary was at her breaking point. Mary stopped her bus, got out and removed the sign. She was surprised when she found that it...

...was attached to a string to a cardboard box. Mary took the sign and the box back with her to the bus. She remembers being surprised at how much glue had been used to secure the LID. When she was finally able to pride the box open, Mary found a handgun rigged to fire. The trap had been meant to fire the gun at Mary when she tore down the sign. Fortunately for Mary, the trap didn't succeed. The letter writer had taken things to a deadly level and the suspect of police arrested was someone familiar. Who Was it? When the police got their hands on the pistol from the booby trap, they quickly discovered that someone had tried to file off the weapons ceal number, but didn't do a very good job. There was enough of the seal number left to trace the gun back to Paul fresh our, Mary Gillespie's brother in law. When the police question Paul, he claimed the gun had gone missing a long time ago and said he didn't have anything to do with it. and He's maintained his innocence like even while till the day he died. And then there were the handwriting samples. Sheriff Radcliffe asked Paul Fresh hour to subject himself to a handwriting test. The Sheriff told Paul to try and match the strange block lettering on the envelopes as best he could and even have him directly copied the phrases from the letters. The sheriff would later be criticized for this, as experts state that this is an improper way to perform a handwriting test, and in the end experts could not determine if fresh hour had actually written the letters or not, but Sheriff Radcliffe was convinced he had. There was a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to fresh hour, who was arrested for attempted murder. Paul for a shower. Would change his police several times before his case actually went to trial on October twenty four of one thousand nineteen eighty three. On August eight of one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, Paul had used the insanity plea and was sent to the Southwest Mental Health Center for an evaluation before changing his plea back to not guilty. Although Paul said he had an Aliby, the letters and the pistol were evidence of the defense just could not overcome. Paul was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to seven to twenty five years in prison. By the end of the controversial trial. Almost everyone in circle bill was convinced that Paul had been behind the mysterious letters, that he had attempted to kill Mary Gillespie and that he very might well have had a hand in the death of Ron Gillespie. For his part, fresh hours stood by his inizens to the end, but the public was already convinced and it was taken as a matter of course that the threatening letters would stop with his incarceration. The thing is that they didn't. The letters continued, increasing in intensity even ultimately reaching hundreds of people all over the region. Yet even then the authorities were so convinced that fresh hour was still behind it that they placed him in solitary confinement to make him stop. The letters continued, though, finding their way into mailboxes, taunting and terrorizing people from all walks of life, and all of them were postmarked from Columbus, just as they always had been, which is odd considering fresh hour was not in prison. In Columbus, faced with the deluge of continuing letters and their postmarks, a full investigation was launched and fresh hour was placed under intense observation. After all of this, the prison warden came to the conclusion that he could not have possibly been responsible for the unsettling letters. Due to the persistence of the letters, it seemed more and more plausible that perhaps an innocent man really had been put away in prison. However, many still clung to the idea that fresh hour was somehow responsible, to the point that his parle hearing was denied because of it displayed him being a model prisoner. In the wake of this rejection, Paul fresh hour himself would get a menacing, taunting letter from the Phantom Center in which a section cryptically states now when are you going to believe? You aren't going to get out of there? I told you two years ago, when we set them up, they stay set up. Okay, so that is basically. That's the timeline of the case and we gave you the big broad overview of it and the next coming episodes we're going... go over the finer details and where things get really weird, and then we're going to be bringing in interviews like Martin Yant and some of the other people that we managed to talk to. And then you know what doing. When you and I we went down to Circleville and we interviewed two ladies that were. I mean there were actual victims of the circle of the letter writer. Yeah, the like you're saying, this is just sort of a thirtyzero foot overview of the case. We're going to get deep dive over there course of some episodes, into the details of certain events, such as the accident and the arrest and the booby trap and all that. Yeah, because one of the big questions was was the accident just an accident or was it a murder? And that is something that people kind of still debate about. And then the other thing is right now, where I'm sitting out anyways, I think this definitely is involves the school, in school employees, and I know that there's some people out there that don't think it does, but this whole the letters are centered around Superintendent Gordon Massey and a bus driver, Mary Gillespie. Those are the two main people that the letter writer is always on about. Right, absolutely, they were the focus of the ire of these mysterious letters over the course of decades and even the vulgar signs that led to the discovery the booby trap and everything. That is just so weird that this guy is that obsessive. Right, he's writing these letters and he's like, you know what, that bastard, I'm going to start putting signs up about Gordon Massey and what he's doing. And it's and it's hard to say. And like if you read some of the people out there on some of the different message boards, and there's some cool unsolved, mysterious fan pages where they go over this stuff. The kind of a theory out there that there's at least three letter writers over the course of time. So some people think it was Gordon Massy's son William wrote some originally his parents were gone through a divorce and some it was a hard time. And then some people obviously think Paul fresh our wrote a bunch of them and then that his ex wife, Karen's fresh hour wrote some to frame him. And these are just all theories. They were all get into. Yeah, all of course alleged. So what? And then David Longberry, who we're going to get into him, were but he's a crazy dude. Like he was the bus. He worked at the bus depot for the school. It's sometimes maybe bus driver, but he ended up being on America's most wanted because he ended up becoming like a child rapist and then he ran away to Texas where he killed himself, right, and that's just one of those things again where does that doesn't necessarily mean that he is involved, but you know, it's kind of curious that that was going on at the same time. That's who we assume, or a lot of people think maybe they were originally writing the letters back to when he said they were fighting fire with fire. So he's involved and it's just it's one of those cases where, like even like Marie mentioned, I don't know if she said it to us or and her podcast and then whatever remains podcast. But a lot of people think this story has been done to death, and maybe it has, but there's a lot we're going to keep doing it. Yeah, we're going to really good but it there's a it's not settled it to me. It's still not settled. The letters never stopped the whole time is in prison. Yeah, and how can you explain that when you put them on phone and mail restriction, when you move him around the state? So Paul fresh hours in prison in various parts of Ohio, but all the letters are still, you know, coming with postmarks from Columbus and the ladies that we talked to their loads were postmark from Columbus to and it happened when they got their letters and we're going to play them in another episode. But they re see their litters right when Paul fresh hour was up for parole hearing, and that seems like a lot of this relates to when Paul fresh hours about to go on parole, that the letters kind of kick up like somebody's trying to keep them there in prison. Now, I will say to play devil's advocate there. I was reading on some that the the S court transcript, I think from his first trial. No, no, it wouldn't. Would have to be later. So scratch that. But later on they were they were basically saying that he wouldn't when he was in jail, when someone was...

...getting out, he would give them the letter to mail, but that wouldn't. So maybe when he's being held for parole he gets sent to a jail for the court. So that, I mean, it doesn't hold a lot of water for me, because these inmates, when they're getting out of prison, like they're going to want to drive to Columbus and mail a letter for some crazy dude that they met in prison. Like why would they care? They're not the most you know, no offense, but people getting out of prison are always the most responsible. He a pull and the real was revel you know, I would love to go and do x, Y Z, but I have to drive a Columbus to mail this letter for a guy that I met in prison and then they you know, I it might be interested to hear from people that have had that experience because he might have said something like Hey, this is for my my girl. Can you just when you get out? But it would then one's going to drive to Columbus for it. Yeah, I mean like somebody that's going that way. Maybe, but you know when you have prisoners from a all over the state and some of the people you're locked up with aren't even from Ohio. Yeah, no, it's okay. That's this. My only thing was maybe if it lines up with parole, we should look into that. was He in jail like Franklin County, awaiting his parole hearing or something? But no, would be at the prison. Went role hearings are I mean, okay, yeah, prol hearings are conducted at the prison. You know. Well, this guy thing. That's why I'm excited for Ricky to load everything up on our website to so that all of our listeners and the slutes out there, there are shitmates out there, can like really dive in and kind of let's just turn over these stones that haven't been looked at for about twenty, thirty years maybe. Yeah, we're totally revamping how we're doing the show notes and we put together a pretty good timeline of the circleville letters. So just like you heard, like kind of our audio version of the CIRCLEVILLE letters timeline, we're putting together one with, you know, the scans of the letters and some graphics and some pictures. And then there's also going to be on our web page. We have the police report from Ron Gillespie's accident and just anything that we find about the circle letters we're going to be posting there, either in the show notes or they'll be specialized page. The stuff we got from the pickaway county library. We got forty pages from the library and there, Yep, all these the newspaper from the microfish. We're going to load that up on the website and Rick is really spent a lot of time on this and when it goes live I really think you should check it out. You're going to be well, Bress, if you're listening to this, it is live. So go to www dot invisible ships podcastcom and you guys can check all that stuff out. Do you need there's one thing I wanted to put in the show notes. There's a white page that you've got a lot of good stuff from and it has like a weird name. What is that? It's sitcoms onlinecom. I'm not totally clear how it became such a good place to go to for this, but it really is. It's not about sitcoms, it's about it might be, but they have one dedicated to it's because it's an unsolved mysteries maybe. I think it's the connection. And there's there's another good one out there too, since we're giving shot out. It's on. It's on unsolved mysteriescom. Okay. And then another thing, just to the website. We have a tea public store out there now. Yes, you can get some invisible ships podcast merch it's all the money goes directly to repairs to our emergency fallout shelter, female fault shelter. Yeah, we need that. So by a sticker or we have handsome sweatshirts Tshirts, even a coffee mug. Yeah, I think you can desirey. We're going to try to keep uploading different designs and phrases and stuff like that. So if anyone has any suggestions, put them on on the website or the facebook page. Yeah, and also just hit us up on the facebook page with any of your thoughts or ideas about the case. You know how we on the Brian American case. We work slope so closely, with the webs loose and with just people and the facebook community that were. We're feeding back and forth off each other. I hope that we can carry that on to this case. So we would... to hear your theories and any thing that you got. Hopefully we bring some web sluice with us, because those guys are invaluable and we're going to do our part by being transparent and posting all the stuff that we get. Yes, so that is our policy, because it's not super easy to find the stuff we're posting. I'm not sure you can find online anywhere else. Yeah, so Danny and I and Darren we have this kind of goal or dream that we feel like we should be the number one destination in the freaking world for circle vote letters, because it's in our backyard and we have our own web page and we can put whatever we want on our webpage. So we're like, let's make this like the go to place for the circle of all letters and might take on it. As someone that does research for a true crime podcast, the stuff that's hard to find, I want to put that out there for the other people doing research for their true crime podcast. So please feel free to take the stuff that we post to use for your own research, but just let us know what you come up with. If you discover something or have a theory, we'd love to hear about it. Yeah, so share that with us and then we can share it with the entire world. Before we wrap this up, are you excited about having Martin yet on the show? I mean who's on unsolved mysteries? It's can't wait. That was one of this not the first time that we've had a call like this, but that was like this is exciting. We're talking to he's pretty famous. I mean if you Google his name, he's pretty famous for this and he's he received a letter himself. Yeah, maybe too, I think he said so. He's he's a like we always say. We try to get interviews with people that are directly involved, and so there you go. On on both sides of that. He was a victim man an investigator. So yeah, that's a good interview. Super Cool. Now there's a very special message for those of you that are not subscribers. Imagine how disappointed you would be if you miss this, even though you can go back at any time because that's the podcast. But you should be a subscriber. If you're not already make yeah, you can subscribe to our podcast and Itunes, spotify, anywhere you go and if we're there, if you could rate us and leave us a good review each really appreciate that and helps other people find us. Yeah, and I also really just enjoy reading the comments. You know, I read all the comments, every comment. So that's going to be it for us. Next episode will be the Martin Yett interview. So special thanks to Martin yet Michael Prayley, Marie Mayhew, and also special thanks to the great people at the pickaway county historical society, because they're tremendous amount of helps place. Also, there's a very special library and at the pickaway county library who went above and beyond for, you know, role as a library and to help make this podcast out. Yes, thank you, Sarah, and I thought all the libraries are special, so they can, they are to this show. Maybe we produced any way without the mission, called the rite invisible ships productions and they'll see until next time, shipmates,.

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