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Episode 1 · 1 year ago

Amazing coincidences, fate and synchronicity


Have you ever experienced a coincidence so incredible that it left you stunned? If you answered yes to this question then whether you knew it or not you have just taken your first step into the fascinating world of synchronicity.   

We will be talking about some famous examples of coincidences from history, like how a crossword puzzle almost delayed the D Day invasion.

Join us tonight on Invisible Ships.

Eady Patecu, have you ever experiencedAU coincidence, so incredible that it left you stunned. If you answered yes to this question,then whether you knew it or not, you just taking your first step into thefascinating world of synchronicity. We've all heard the old sayings thatsometimes e coincidence is justic incidence, but is that always the case?I've often wondered if icoincidence can ever carry a larger or deeper meaningor they just ranom events that are pattern seeking brains lag tim to. Ifthe sceptics are right, then why Doo poincidente often feel so remarkable?Is it because if some suggest they occupy both the realms of science andthe realms of belief, many claim that Qouincidence can act a sort of a bridgebetween these two worlds tonight on invisible ships. We're looking atstrange stories of amazing coincidence will be taken a deep look into thestrange phenomena, premonitions coincidence and syncrenicity from deep within Oure abandoned themeof Bunker Studio. It's invisible ships, okay, we are back for another episodeof invisible ships and tonight we're going to be talking about thefascinating world of coincidence and Sycrenicity a you there, Dan Yeah, I'mhere awesome. So you are currently safe from the dreadid corona virus and Ijust got my test today. I came back negative, so I may be able to actuallyleave this bunker and go up and restock and getsome supplies ber running dangerously low on beer. Are you ready to get intonight'sepisode because we're going to be talking about coincidence, yeah? Ithink this is going to be a good onesis, a great subject that you brought up inone that honestly. I never really thought too much about you knowyou just you know you kind of have categories ofthings for what we wanted to talk about, such as paranormal and Cryptid, and allthose kind of interesting things, and we said coincidenceos like isn't thatjust I don't know like something that yousay I don't know. So I'm glad that you had me look into strangely coincidentalyea, you don't think about it when you say something like that, but there's alot to it's interesting topic. I mean how many times have you actuallyexperienced. He coincidence and Hou thought that it was weird, but then youjust shrugg your shoulders and you move on with the rest of your life andnobody ever really stops to think like what are the odds of something likethat happening. You know, and I one thing is always kind of stuck with me.An I always wondered is like. Is there any larger or deeper meaningto these things? You know it is Quindic Qoincidencse mean anything more thanthat's just strange. That tit happened and I saw a quote frorm cawly young,that he said I refuse to commit. The fashionable stupidity of regardingeverything I cannot explain is a fraud, and it made me think about coincidence,because you know we put them into two campses either that that's just a coincidence or you go to the otherextreme where the people you know with synchronicity and stuff, and that theuniverse has sending you a message, but I'm not sure where I fall, but I wantedto kind of explore that topic an explore. The toprof coincidence furtheryeah. I I think it's a really great topic, like I said, and one of thethings that you you had mentioned, you askd to question: How much do you think pure chance plays a role in our lives m? And I, like that question, because I Ifeel like one of the answers is it's like a double eged sort, so in some ways chance affects everyaspect of our life. You know like what time lock out the door to what time thebus arrives to you know what Timyou it to the grocerystore. If you get there right in time to get the last love of bread, becausenow that it's so hard to get bred and milk and stuff, it's always sell, notyou ht to get there right at the right time, work grout a lot for toilet paper,but on thet on the other hend or the person that went to the wrong side oftown at the wrong time and was tragically killed by a stray bulletlike if they had been later by a fraction of a second. It would havejust shattered the windshield and not killed the driver exactly and but onthe other hand, it's like seems like chance doesn't play much a role in yourlife either because, like it's not like, people are born poor and then suddenlyhave good luck and become millionaires overnight. You know out of where you,your life goes and wher your day goes, is kind of Prur Dane by the family,you're Gon Ito, the neighborhood you're born into you, know, Ir's, not a wholelot of ricks to riches anymore. So I don't know doesn't mean chance, BAS,a huge part or a little part. Another thing that I'm thinking of ind likewhen I say coincidence or we're talk about this as a subject, I think I meana couple different things, because one is, I think that there's things thatare just cuincidental and that's all they are. I think that there's somethings that maybe are premonition or synchronicity and then you know, is oneof my specially topics are one of my... topics that I'm always interestedas predictive programming, which is more of a darker kind of new worldorder, brainwashing sense of things, but I can find you examples of that to where you may lookat something say: That's coincidental and other person might look at it andsay like no they've been prepping you to accept this subject for a long timeand like what you think is coincidental is actually an orchestrated attempt toget you to accept an idea or something yeah. So I think I want to look at itat that lines like there's multiple different things I like, and I talkabout, Quin, and I do think that predicta programming ties into thisbecause kind of what I was geting. Trying to say- and I don't think Iquite put it together the right way, what I'm trying to say is you don't often think that chance playsmuch a role in your day. Like you know the when I go to bed tonight, I have apretty good idea. What's going to happen tomorrow, and it probably willyou know, but really whet youthing about exponential growth,all these little things that are a little chance. You know whether you satdown here. You turn right, instead of left that all adds up exponentially andgrows and grows until it's this huge thing that can put nations to war with each other andstuff like that, and that's like you plant a little idea and there's aninteresting. It's a French riddle called the water lily, the riddle magines the water lily plantgrowing in a pond the plant double some size every day and Gif left alone. Itwould smother the Pon in thirty days, killing all the other living things inthe water day after day the plants growth as small. So it's decided thatit won't be concerned until it covers half o the pond, which day will that beprobably somewhere like on the fifteenth or Twentth Day, something inthe middle like that right. That's what you think, but the answer to the Rodalis the twenty ninth day, leaving only one day to say the FON, so it grows sosmall that you don't notice that it doesn't even cover half the Pon until the twenyninth day,but because of expodential growth. It covers the rest of the pomd the nextday, and so these little ripples ripple out and grow upon each other and growuppon each other, and that's how like memes, are things that go viral theyget in the the predictive programming. People can just put that out there EA'sa little stupid meme of maybe a politician made to sound like hesayngsline thit. He didn't really say, and they can be immediately dispproventhe next day, but it doesn't matter it's out there. Exponential growthcoincidently has been kind of on the forefront to because I've really becameaware of it following the people talking about coronavirus and examplesof like a water, droplet reproducing you know, split itself and Expenitivgrowth and how long will take before the stadium is completely underwaterand things like that. But you know that's. I was totally wrong. I guess aboutguessing how long you had with the Lily Pad, but expenisal growth is that's whyit's the riddle. You guess the right way, that's ghat normal person wouldthink well bringing them back. To coincidence, I looked at the definitionand as a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances withoutimparent causal connection or correspondence in nature or in time ofoccurrence, but what I'm wondering is if we canascribe any meaning to them or if they're, just random events, I'm goingto tell you about a coincidence. That is a true story, see what you thinkabout it, because in one thoand, eight hundredand ninety eight Morgan Roberts wrote a book called the fuel fuelty and itdescribed the maiden voyage of a transatlantic luxury, liner name theTitan. So this is about the titanic, but it's not! This book was written.You know titanic non one SND Ninetuneen welve. This book was Writ T N ThousandEght hundred and Ninety Eight, so obviously thy Titani didn't happen yet,but the the ship in the book is called the Titan and it was touted as beingunsinkable just like the titanic. It strikes in the iceberg and it sinks.There's a lot of life lost. Just like the titanic. You know and like I said,everyone knows in and Nineh twelve t e titanic was widely touted as beingunsingble. It Strikes Niceberg it sinks. Lots of people die, struck it sunk onits made of voyage in the book. The Titan the month of the wreck was inApril. So same is the titanic. In the book there ase three thousandpassengers on board and the titanic. There was only two thousand two hundredand seven and in the book there wis twenty four life boats and the titanic.In Real Life there is only twenty close. But to me that's just a coincidencewhere it gets really weird- and I think you could talk about. Synchronicity isthat, months after the titanic sank, there's a tramp steamer that wastraveling through you know the same: Foggy strets the Atlantic, and therewas a young boy that was on watch like the lowest ranking guy on the ship. Youknow thirteen year old kid or whatever thetis sold to watch, so it came intohis head as they're traveling through what is essentially the Graveyard ofthe titanic. They's like hey we're sailing through the same water as thetitanic song and all of a sudden. He... this terrified thought in his headthat the ship that he's on is called the Tightan same as in the book. Sopanic stricken like he sounds the warning because he's just freaking outand they stop the shit. They all come on board onto the deck to yell at thiskid see what's wrong with them and they look up and there's a huge ice Berg infront of them like if he didn't freak out. At that moment they would havesmashed an iceberg and song. Okay. Moving on I want to talk about.Frek is the future fixed? Can we control it and do you even believe in athing you know such a thing as fate? You know, I don't know, that's a hard, that's ahard question, probably for anyone to answer. I think I leaned towards yes, but I don't necessarily know that the fateis something supernatural as much as like an unobserved law of the universe.Well like in the story with the Titan and the titanic, and the real shipcalled the Titan and the fictional ship Calledi Tin. It seems like they'reinescapable loop of fate. You know what I mean in the way Thatt like theancient Salfat. It's just like you can't do anything about it, you'redoomed, because this name, though I guess to be fair in thes, in the actualaccount that the cabin Woy freaked out and save the ship, so they did escapetheir fate, even though it seemed like just have a name. You were destined tobe sunk by an iceberg yeah. Now the the the cynical side of me says wel howmany ships that weren't named titanic were stinking by icebert strikes.Therean is probably quite a few right, but I mean how many described it beingthe unsinkable luxury liner, that sunk on its made in voyage by an icebergthat had a shortage of life voates. Now the author that wrote, Morgan Robertson,who wrote that story, he said that he had no premonition, there's no psychepowers that work here, just that he knew his topic. He studied maritime. You know Salen. Ithink he was a sailor and then he just was very good about how ocean goingvessels worked and what their threats were and stuff like that, and I thinkhe saw where the shipping line at the time wasgoing where they were overconfident and they weren't. You know spending money on safety features andthings like that, so he just kind of saw yeah at inevitable thing. That wasgoing to happen. It's I mean, and that's of thejust do that a lot it'salmost like. If you watch like star Tech, start check the next generationfrom the s they're, all basically just using two thousand and twenty Eihtechnology, but it looks really cool yeah like they were, they were guessingwhere we were going an TV chows today, probably seeclimpses,of what work Bunin going to be doing like twenty years from now or somethingand the Scidfi. Well, we know that coincidence. A coincidenceis a very subjective thing right, it's personal nature and it inharentlyinvolves patterns, but in a way that they're more than simple patterns,because if you look at it, there's no way that story just told you that you can say that it was definitelya chance event, because an order for you to be able to say that that therewas like an actual causal mechanism. For that to happen, you would have tobe basically God and have to understand the complete workings of the universe.To explain to me how that was destined to happen right right, there's, no waythat you can completely dismiss a coincidenceis, something less just tosay. It was a pure coincidence which one of the things that strikes me asweird is about coincidence. Yeah, it's one man's coincidence is another man'sjust random chance, and it should- and it's probably, but they both equally like whe. We talk about logic and stuff likethey're both equally like have a moral right to that opinion in the thelogical sense, because the other guy can't point to it and explain to himwhy that was completely destinede yeah and I just I do think I something to the thought that maybecoincidence is just the the workings of the universe or something, and maybe itdoesn't have to even mean anything more than we arewere inflistin the choices that each other make and it just kind of ripplesout in a ripple, feft Ain like there's this psychiatristren. Hisname is Bernard Bateman, he's a visiting Psychaiatrane, neuro behaviralSCIENCIS professor at the University of Virginia, an a fun article about him,discover magazine, and he believes in coincidence and sacrenicites. He Saydsynchronicites whith your indicators of an invisible network that connectseveryone and everything. Batemen suspects humans transmit someunobserved, energetic information which other people than process or organizeinto motion and behavior. Just the sharks have MPA in their skin thatdetect small ultraming that it changes to help him locate their prey. It'spausible may be even probable that...

...humans have similar mechanisms thatdetect coincidences like what is. Why does he think that Imean, or how do we pick up coincidence? Does he say he he gets a little bit more into it, butthe article then kind of just kind of gets into saying why quinces 'n Qoincicenceisaren't a thing, so I kind of stopped reading it, but they do mention that alrist in evencommented on the idea of synchronicities. He said it's by nomeans absurd and the s Carl young came up with a similar idea that he calledthe synchronisty theory to describe events like that. Yes, synchronicity are those justmeaningful coincidence, or is there something more going on behind thescenes that we can't even really see or understand when we talk about meme culture,whatever, like you'll start to think that you are interested in ha certaincolor like to paint your walls or whatever your wife will or peoplebecome interested in a certain Animal Tdat? They want patterns made up andstuff and then all of a sudden it blows up all over the world. Now, I'm notsaying that that's coincidence or predictiv programming, but it almostseems like there is some kind of universal subconscious and whether thatis being manipulated through popular media or as a way to either control orcreate consumers or, if there's something even bigger than that, like auniversal subconscious like you'll notice that they're, like things,grow and waves, O you don't know, and I, as I Mak I catch myself with that tolike all of a sudden he'll just start to notice that everybody's kind ofdressing more like a certain decade and like thereas, never like a big push,but you know like it seems like every every new fashion trend is just twentyyears before the current time, and so for a while,like we've been seeing all this ninety stuff, like I remember like one day,just kind of noticing, a little bit of a ninees look to someone's jacket andthen next day everybody was rearning like freaking, fanny packs and acidwatsh jeans, like where dids that come from- and I know like I'm old. So Idon't get on all thi the social media that maybe people are learning how todress from, but the same kind of idea like when dis it cross the threshold tojust kids that you know follow this artist on spotifydress like this to seventy five percent of the peopleunder the age of thirty five that you see you're all jrust tic. You know whenwe talk about coincidence. I think everyone must have their own level oftolerance for how much of a coincidence they're able to accept before theyshrug their shoulders and say, like you know what there's something else goingon here. This can't just be pure coincidence and not to go too faroverboard or change the wholeture directory of this program, but likenine eleven, there are so many strange coincidence, out of one day out of oneevent that it's it's almost impossible just to strug your shoulders and moveon, like you know the planes how they went off chorus and they were flyinginto these towers just a couple months previous to that they had changed theBush administration to change the reporting procedure so that instead ofthe military, seging and plan and scrambling jets to escort it now, theyhave to go to the Secretary of State and get his approval, whichdramatically slowed down the response time or you know, I think, a lot ofpeople that are old enough to remember World Trade Center seven and how thatbuilding collapsed. But it was the only at that time, steel frame structure tocllapse solely from fire damage. It was not hit by one of the planes. That's anunusual coincidence, a lot of the stuff with the Ben Ladens and how they werethe only people allowed to fly outf the country and all this other stuff itjust you have to look at something like this and say. Is this predictiveprograming? Is this just coincidence, or is this this thing that we'recalling synchronicity? You know what I mean now it it does feel like sometimes the world or that part of the worldjust has a moment and like it just kind of seize and like bleeds over andt allthese other moments, and I think I always come p with em weird were thingsthey happen during, like the JFK assassination and the day surroundid itthey're, just like so many like synchronicis popping upeverywhere and like like Lee Harvey Hoswald, was seen passing out. I think Theyre anticommunist flyers in front of the CIA building NewOrleans like Ye. What are the chances that just ecoincidence ar now? Nomatter what we're always going to have to wonder, like you know what I mean orthere's a lot of other coincidence, who I mean like Lee, Harve Oswold had a jobby he was paid by an fi agent to order guns through the mail and send themphotos of the different guns, because they were doing ap. Congressman wasdoing a study to see how easy it was to get guns through the mail there's just so many weird things: Oyethere's I dno where he showed up at different times or how he hadconnections with high ranking, millionaire CIA assets and things likethat. So Yeah you look at that. You say:...

Is there something going on here? Thatis more than a coincence or these just a bunch of Quinsenc, so that, like you,could be skeptical of any conspiracy theoris and be like well because LeeHarvey Roswold had all these connections nd all these things. Theseare just odd coincidence. It's odd coincidence that a guy can defect fromthe military, Mirryor Soviet Union colonel's daughter and then be AlasticIE oviet union. It's so crazy! That's what leads me tocredibly kind of believe in some of those conspiracy theories and iuld loveto just do JFK conversation, sometimes there's so much interesting stuff there.But this does leaneed to Hav thought that you can go all in on the kind of thesupernatural, paranormal quincence thing or you can think hey all theseareas were super hot beds of coldwares cold, worse spy activity at the time.So, of course, all these things are going to be crossing interlocking andremind me of the story that you brought up to me about the in the month leading up to the alliedinvasion of Normandy and Worldwar. Two with the crosser puzzles. Yeah. Let metell you this story, because it's so odd, it's so bizarre and there's a lotof different moving parts and stuff that when you look at it you mightthink well, you could try to explain aways a simple coincidence, but reallyit's not, and in fact, at one point you know they got so concerned. Looking atthese words that were come up in across our puzsleat almost upset the entireinvasion of normanty, which would have you know gigantic repecussions, theentire history of the world. If this had stopped it. So this story goes inthe months leading ut to allied invasion. Enormity World Wor two. Thereis collection of very aticular words. Itstarted paring in a cross word section of a popular British newspaper, andthis thing started around may secon. Nineteen, forty four and the code warswere all specific to parts of the DDA operation that would kick off on Junesix. So you know this is just like four days away from DDA, so obviously allthe military, intelligence, people and stuff where in heightened alert,everybody was concerned about what was going on and they were trying to trackdown any would be savatours or spies. So when you know answers sorry poppingup in the daily Crossword, they had to do with DDA. Obviously, Mi five in theAmerican intelligence, community and stuff started getting pretty concerned,but according to an article from the Telegraph- and this was pobisd in twothousand and fourteen and on a British online history magazine as well, theanswers included the code names of peaches, where allied forces wouldeventually land, including the USECTOR, Co name, Utah, Homaha and other partsof the invasion. One of the puzzles included answer mobery, and that wasprobably the connection to DDA with Molbury was that there was going to beartificial harvor that was going o anchored off the coast of France. Itwas called Mulbury to help move equipment on the beaches, so on Maytwenty seventh another one of the question solutions for the was codename for the entire operation, another one in the same you know, line of Crossrepulses came up was overloard, and that was what the entire dday thing wasgoing to begin. That's so is unclear which puzzle cause the investigators totrack down. Who is writing them, but two officers were sent to SureyEngland in May or early June to question this Guy Name Leonard Doh anddol was a fifty four year old, head master of the Strand boy school and hedenied Anhy Intendat all to disclose classified information and he was nevercharged but M. I five, which is the British version of FBI chocked it up tojust coincidence, and they had a note that said that, like basically, Mr Dallwas a compiler apuzzle, so he was a schoolteacher by day and just reallyinto cross Repuzle, so into cross reposals. That's hobby ended up leadingto creating them for the newspaper, so he had a weird practice too, like whathe would do was ask his students every day to give them just a word like thefirst word that came to their head and then he would compile them into thecross. REPOSL so like, as he's talking to his students. They're give himthings like Omaha, Utah, overlord and mowberry right, and that's and isn'tthat that that links to the skeptical explanation, which is something calledselection bias. So basically such a bias is the bias isintroduced into whatever your control group is by the slection of individuals,groups of data that you choose to analyze in a way that properrandomization is not achieved. So basically you're baking into yoursituation already the thing that biases the outcome, so he would hispractice was to call in sixt formers, which I believe is the people that arein the next level of education in Brit, or maybe it's just like a differentgrade, but basically they said Att. No, it's like sixt grader, seven yeah. Sothey said at that time the US army was all over sury. I think they were livingthere and encampment there and everything, particularly in that area,and so there's no doubt those boys probably heard the codewords beingbanded about instantly and then just...

...and innoscantly pessd them on. Sobasically they overheard them and got through in their heads. I'm not sure about that. I don't know how to research this partof things, so I can't give you an intelligent answer, but I know that thesoldiers bust have known that something was coming up, that they were gering upfor something massive though DDA was notoriously secretive there 's a lot ofdisinformation and stuff. I don't know if they told the soldiers in advancewhat the names of the beaches theyare going to be landidg on work. I don'tthink they told the majority of the infantry men, maybe like some specialunits, maybe had some more advance notice, but I think the thing waslargely kept secret, even from most of the units. So I read that too. I don'tknow how much that part could be true, but again I could yeah. I mean thesewould be the most kind of top secret subjects in the entire West, as so topsecret and and there was so much misinformation tem that, like the US and bridge army, were ordering allthese cold weather engine manuals and finish translated in books and stufflike that, because they're trying to feign the Germans and to think they'regoing to tack at Finland or attack somewhere like offof, Corsica and theMediterranean, they didn't want them to thinking that they were going to France,not saying that this explains it, but I think it washighly sicket. If I don't know how much you know, obviously soldiers probablyfound out more than they were supposed to know anyway. ND, like I said, I knowthat I'm sure they knew they were headed into the biggest fight of theirlives. But I don't know if they knew the actual code words. So if you rule out Spanig or just idolechatter loose lips, then you're left with either you know the synchronicityor the universal subconscious and there's something larger going on thatis causing. You know these words that are going to be so crucial formankind's history to start showing up on something like a crosswork puzzle. I know they my only thing to say that it's just humannature I mean there's, there's a saying, like three people cankeep a secret if two of them are dead, like doesn't even matter. If you seethe word, even if you're, the general or whatever you see the word overlord,with on a piece of paper, there's a chance, you let accidentally letsomeone else see it or you say it's somebody or you talking your sleep likeit just gets out, and so that's why they do the misdirection, because theyknow that stuff is gone a leak, so they have to like, have real leaks andplanned leaks and misinformation, and all that so yeah. You definitely have agood point there and if you ever want to know Ho hard, it is to keep like aconspiracy going. You should read about the Watergate thing, where there's onlya few guys, a couple lawyers in the president that could have kept alltheir asses out of jail and they all still buckled. Under the pressure ofyou, know, people asking questions and stuff and they couldn't hold ittogether, so conspiracies and things like that they do find a way of gettingout there. But I really do sorry. I just I do want to Sa that. I really do think that this really could have beenfate happening here like because there- and I think it's like a mixture of kindof that, just our scientific explanations that we're talking aboutand al so of just like. Sometimes there's like moments in history, where just it feelslike things, aligne and usually not in a good way and like just things thathave been blowing up for a decade happen at once. Like there's thatsaying, I think it's Lennin or marks actually said. Like sometimes ayear happens in a decade and sometimesthe dectade happens in a year. Basically, sometimes everything happensall at once and, like you know, if you've ever been like in asituation where, like you, feel like you're in immediate danger or like you're, just in a crowd. That's likestarting Ito like lose its cool like you can just feel something boil up,but it's almost like Pheromons or something about six sense that, likejust gets in the air and affects the way people act absolutely and theyalways tell people to trust their gud feelings and sometimes, like I dealwith large groups of people, and I've always maintained that the group itselfhas his own personality is almost its own entity, like you still take thepeopleas individuals and the Qes of the individuals sending you, but then inlike there's a larger context where they, as a group, become like their ownthing. I don't know if it makes sense to a lot of people when I explain tothem, but you can almost pick out a mood and just like feel the sense ofwhat the group itself is experiencing her. What they're about to do? Yeahbecause I group is like almost like a living organism onto itself. That'sthat's! Basically what I'm saying yeah! It's like the theory of very largenumbers right: the Law of large numbers, Arnoer alot of large tempers yeah. I like likeminmine, I like mine.

Well, the law of large numbers isbasically like the best way to explain. It is like the lottery right, the odds of you winning the mega.Millions are bad. You know you got like a one, three hundred million chance ofPini, so that is terrible. Ut Right! That's people still write a lot. Youknow known whatever yeah you never PA play the lottery, but you don't thinklike. Well, I bought a lot Er tickets o I'm going to quit my job because I'mprobably going to be a millionaire tomorrow, and so I don't need to worryabout that. Like now, most people go into with expectation that it would benice to win, but don't think I'm Gonto win, but you're not surprised when you findout that you didn't win and you're also not surprised to find out that somebodyelse did win. Even that person had the same odds, that's kind of how the lawof large numbers works is like if we have enough of like a sample baseenough. You know people involved in this then, like we shouldn't, besurprised that really surprising things happen is basically what it says so toyou, Wan a lottery would be a surprisin miracles event, but the fact thatsomebody else won the lottery doesn't really surprise anybody and it'sand. It's. The same principleapplies to the reason that we're in separatelocations right now, the social distancing, like one person, couldinfect two people and two people infect for people and you know, keeps formulafact a peol an keeps going and going xpodential tesis out of control thing.That is shutting down the BLOB. When really you know, if you just kind atthat one person, it would have been stopped in its tracks. It's thatexpensal growth and like just the way we interact and societies kind ofbounce off of each other PS, yeah Jus, there's almost likethere's an invisible force moving with it since we're talking aboutcoincidence- and you brought up the coronavirus, I have a coronaviruscoincidence for you, yea do you know like tha the laboratoryand the Wohan province of China, where this thing broke out at like theyspecialize in studying bad viruses and in the last twelve years, they've beencomvored twosand new viruses that basskin spread to humans, where, in theprevious two hundred years, we'd only discovered like several hundred. Sothat's an interesting coincidence that we now have a bat do we know freakingvirus from laboratory, Neara labratory that studies, Bat, freaking viruses right, I'm not a hundred percent soldon that conspiracy. I think I think I kind of a likely halfwaysolution might be a theory that you flooated is that the workers at the lab may have beentelling the atest animals to the markets to sell for food. Yeah Blut itsomehow in that transmission, something leaked out, but what I told you is noteven a conspiracy, though I mean, like that's, reported in the Washington Postand everywhere: Thit, like that's all yeah, the yeah they're, a bat virus,laboratory yeah for sures itwellthat's, whateverybody studies, because for some reason, that's a like the prime vector for these coronaviruses to get to US RTS ar some durnnow. What it is about that yeahthey're dirty. I guess I guess so. I Would Hae Messe with a bat. Now I tend to stay away: they're coolanimals. I like to see him at the zoo, they're really interesting, but yeah you don't want anyone near you. Iknow a lot of times like we sit outside and have like a bonfire going in thesummer months and stuff and like at night all these birds are like swoopinglow, getting bugs and stuff, and it took as a long time before realizedthat those were bats yeah. I Love I love to walk at Dusk andlook for the bets becuthey're everywhere. You know I want to go back to the lawof large numbers Arnover. I got another thing that it has to dowith how we seem to think that we need larger numbers for weird things tohappen, but we really don't and there's some plane. That is like the birthdayparadox, some of the mathematicians talk about, or they call it thebirthday problem to illustrate this, and I ask te question of how manypeople need to be in a room before there's a fifty fifty chance that twoof them will share the same birthday and do you have any idea with thenumber? Is I think you probably do? Yes, I do because I read your notes,but if I had a guess so what size is thegroup of people, it doesn't say what size he group is.It just says how many people you're supposed to tell me how many peopleneed to be in the room before like we got a FIF fifty chance of two of themsharing the same birthday, and you know you would think because there's threehundred sixty five days in a year, I think Catel on sixty five day right,yeah, something like I don't know, a hundred and thirty or hundred andthirty point something but yeah it's actually. Twenty three is the bareminimum number before two of them will...

...share the same birthday, and I blew my mind when I read thatbecause of what you're about to tell me- and you surprise me when I told youthat I just thought it was kind of like a low number- and I was surprised bythat and then you when I told you the number twenty three you went off on awhole. Other thing, explain that yeah. Well, there's this thing calledthe twenty three enigma there's actually a jim carry movie like one of hisserious roles about it to, I think ts called the number twenty three. I thinkit's totery yeah. It's a good movie but Um. Basically, williaess bro is excitedas the first person to bring up what he call the twenty three Nigma and a gentleman by the name of Robert AntonWilson, Rhode, an Aricle on the fourteen times, and he said I first heard of the twentythree Nigma from William S: borroghs author of naked lunch, novotes press,etc. I don't know if you know anything about naked lunch, but's like giantcockcroaches and it's freaky stuff, but according toBurohs, he had known a certain captain, Clarkor on ousand nine hundred andsixty and Tangier, who once bragged that he had been sailing twenty threeyears without an accident that very day cark ship had an accident that killedhim and everybody else aboard. Furthermore, while Bros was thinkingabout this crud example of the irony of the guds that evening, a Bolton on theradio announced the crash of an airliner in Florida. USA. The pilot wasanother Captain Clark and he was flight. Twenty three wow, so thit's cool, right yeah. Thatis an example of n outrageous coincidence and that's exactly the typeof improbable phenomena that we're talking about, and you know some peoplethink that this Lov large numbers, the law of near enough large numbers, couldexplain that. But a lot of people are not buying into that. I mean thesethings are remarkably cincidental and they offer you a glimpse into somethingbehind the curtain. I think right and WONC, and it's one of those things.It's the Bider minoff phenomenon, which we can talk about where once you noticesomething you start seeing it everywhere, buder mine ha phenomenon.Once you know, theres twenty three comes up and all this stuff and there'sa a cool little wikipedia rabbit trail. You can kind of go down, but they talkabout a text called Princi, PancipiaDoscordia that claims that all things happen in fives or are divisible by oroure multiples of five or how somehow, directly or indirectly appropriate tofive. This is referred to as the law of fives. The twenty three NNIMA isregarded as a corolary of that law, because two pus three equals five solike it gets in the cathulumist. Tils is considered lucky by some unlucky,siniter strange sacret to the goddess Eris, like you know, you can tall thatnumerology and like the different types of magic and stuff, like that's alllike just crazy rabbit holes. We could go down and talk about weird stuffforever. But, like it's a coincidence, it ties right intoyour story. Se, but coincidence is weird because it makes it hard to be arational person when there's so many strange qoincence out there that you,like, I said before youither just have to shrug it off and say you know,there's so many weird coincience, I don't know and just move on, or youlook at it too closely and all of a sudden, like you're being led intoconspiracies and you're being led into believing that there 's somethingbigger out there than just random chaos. You know what I mean you cant reck out coincidence and lookat the world the same way after that now I'd say that it's an importantskill to not take any information at face value, but it'salso important skill to recognize that. Sometimes it's okay to trust what yoursenses are telling you. You know, because you could like be like you know, because sometimes they'll bea storing the news where this o disinformation or the the media headthat release the news hat some type of vagenda or sometimes it's just a mistake, andthen but you know like, for example, some as say well, I'm never reading CNNagain because they're biased right, but then that can make you turn off. Thenyou go on the rabbit whole Worl. I can't trust anything ever except forBob on the Internet, who told me that this is aliens so theresthere's a fine line. You gotTA Walk, O Liseyou go crazy. You know there 's, so many weird coincidente,like involving presidents, how I think John Adams and Thomas Jervirson both died on the sameday, which happened to be the fourth of July yeah. The linkoln stuff- and youcan go off about how the Lincoln assassination, how and the KennedySassionation the Tians between the different names or how like Lincoln'sAssason, one in the fourth theater Kennedy, was assassinated, driving in aFord, Lincoln and all these weird things. But I found one about RobertTodd. There's actually two about Robert Todd. Don't know if you've ever heardthese but they're both pretty interesting andI was planning on bringing them up and I couldn't find a good way to say Guayinto it. So I'm just shooting it out,...

...but ur. One of the things was there is a connection between JohnBooth, Wilkess, brother and one of the Lincoln Boys, so bruteJohn wokes booth had a brother named Edwin and at one time he was at a trainstation in New Jersey and Licalnson. Robert Hid. Lincoln was leaned upagainst O stop train and he almost fell onto the tricks as the train startedmoving and he was saved by somebody grabd him by the collar and Pullin themback, and I happened to be Edwin booth whose brother would later kill. YouKnow Robert tonlincoln's father, which is okay, so it's just kind of weird andcincidental. But when you look at Robert Todd,there's a lot of other weird coincidence involving him like he wasbasically an eye witness for three different presidential assassinations.He wasn't in the theatere when his dad was killed, but he went to his deathbedand he was there as his dad actually passed away. He was also an eye witnessto james a Garfield's assassination and then in snineteen on one he was inBuffalo New York because he was invited by President William mckenley to meethim there and he didn't get a chance to see William mckelley, because Wekelleywas assassinated. He was on his way there to meet him. So I mean, like is Robert Todd, Lincoln,just bad luck, im. I know I keep asking these thingsand like thereis, no real answers to them. Obviously, but they're crazy,we're like this one, everybody knows but like in the civil war when it brokeout one Thousan, eigh, hundre and sixty one. The first BELABOWL run right. Ithappened near a stream that was owned by like aforty. Six year old, Grocer name, William McLean, and after howdevastating and upsetting the battle was that he picked up his whole familyand moved them and where he moved to ended up being appematics courthousewhere the war ended. Orin World War, one there's a cemetery where they'rejust randomly burying the bodies throughout the war and if you go there,the first casual, the war, cemetery or headstone is face exactly opposite, asthe last casualty of that warse and like there is no planing is how thebodies went in there. That's cool I just like looking at thecoincindence, I mean we don't know, you know we can't say for certain howmany of these things are planned or offendof them are, if there's a biggerthing going on that we're missing, but I know- and it's but there's something because I was thinking like you knowthe two grat sons facing it seems like Qincin ins to us, but the squirrel thatruns to their grave right. It means nothing to him O, it's all about yourperspective too, but it's real to us, so that makes it real. Well, that'sreally a good point. I didn't think of that. That is a good point and I wasreading a little bit about John Woospooth's brother and he wasconsidered one of the greatest actors in America at the time, he's famous fordoing Shakespearey's called possibly the greatest handlead of all time, buthe also acted in Julius Tho play Julius Caesarwith his brother Edwin Played Brutus and John Wils plad Mark Anthony. So isassassination in that one too, and he played the assassin no Brutusi Guessan yeah. Well, therewas there's like twelve dudes that stabbed him or whatever, but I shame myself that I don't actuallyknow that story at all. I just know what, like I don't know thatShakespeare at all se, that one could be less coincidentaland that could just be more of an insight on what helps shape the man.You know what I mean and how yeah things it's just it's just ininteresting, because if you listen to what you know, six Sumfer tyranus thathe shouted after he jumped off the Baltye like he viewed himself as anadventer for the republicand. He was, at least in his own mind, thought hewas killing a tyrant, which is what, supposedly, that people that killedJilia Caesar thought they were doing to yeah I mean isidence. Are you know you can there's no way that you can pinit down to anything and how weird it is, but it like the thing with John woaksbooth. There Youcan almost think that this is giving you indication how thisguy saw himself in history or how you hope to be seen in history right. I'm because we're all shaded byour experiences right so but then there's weird things that youcan't plan to end up being funny to like I was reading about. There is airline in Finland called thinair, for whatever reason they have a plane or a flight. You know how theflight numbers are different from the plane number, so they had a flight six.Six, six that left Copenhagen for health, Sinki and Hel sinkiis Bruvit ishtl for the airline, so love flight, six, six six left for hell and it wason Friday, the Thirteenh. So a lot of people thought that was funny. Nothingbad happened, it's just Quincideln, but... would you buy takeit on flight six,Si six for hell on Friday, the Thirteenh right or did anybody like cancel theirtickets or try to switch their flights? I want t right that would beinteresting thay year, because I I don't know I if I knew before I bought the ticket. Iwould definitely pass on that, but that plane didn't crash or nothingbad happened there. So, okay, so I guess basically, where I'mtrying to go or where we've been going. This whole program is that yeah,absurdly improbable things happen all the time and what I set out to do anddiscuss when we started this was. Can we read anything more into theseetsurly absurdly inprobable events, you know: Are they pointing us to look atsomething else like? Is there somebody running the show, or these acts of Godir these supernatural or some of these just like fluctuations of large numbers?And so we talked about you- know the improbability just of your own birth orhow we can look at things like your ten digit phone number that we all haveright. Thet number is unique and its assigned to you and I's improbable likethat. You got that combination o numbers, but yet you do and I have mycombination, numbers and everybody listening has their own, and so theseare extremely improbel events, like the probability of you getting that phonenumber is you know staggering, but you got it and it just because somebody wasGoingna have to get that Fon and hits just. Was You right I like if he askedme to guess what my next phone number is going to be. I could never guess,but whenever I get it, I'm not going to be surprised by it either, and that andI mean but then there's other things like did you know there's when the Denis the menace thefirst issue of Denis the menace was on March Twelveh, Ne Thousand Nine hundredand fifty one, but on that same day, in Great Britain there was their own comic book. Tha hada character called Dennis the menitat appeared to the same exact day and theyare totally different characters, but there's just all these weird littlelike synchronicities to life. To and I love stuff like that ore, do youremember in the s when, like one summer, an asteroid movie like an Astra,disester move came out one month and two months later completely separateAsteri disaster movie came out and the same thing happened with like volcanomovies like a disaster. Movies were a big thing in the Nis and be like theywould all have the same. IDEAA and and they'd be like two separate moviestuders. You know what I mean like it's coincidental kind. Well, it's not likethe studio looked at it and saw that, like that movie was a big hit. We needto make one for next week because these things are in production for a longtime, so multiple producers and actors and scriptwriters and studios alldecided to do a very similar thing. Now, I'm glad that you brought that up toThoca, because I think about predictive programming in some of the stuff issometimes predicted programming to to get people used to like a majorsocietal change or something like that, like with the coronavirus and things likethat, you know, there's been some things in the last few years, leadingup to more and more movies about massive pandemics, and I think Ipersonally believe that the whole Zombi walking dead, all that stuff is isshowing us in infection could be PREPPI new. You know for likethis post, apocalypstic kind of world that we're going to be going into. Imean that's just a personal pet theory we're not at the end of this thing yetso we can't say if arm right or wrong, but I never thought that the sombieswere supposed to represent actual. You know humans coming back from the debdand eating brains, but just I mean I think that it's that would bea super interesting topic, I' love to talk to you bautbecause. I nigt Di Lottof research into pretty good programming and I don't know a wholelot about it, but I also think stuff like that is interesting kind ofcapturing the zight guy o Ov a moment and that's like a obviously a Germanword that I think it means the spirit of the time basically and like sometimes like what does thatsay about the culture that first capism people are watching a post apocalypticadventure of killing dead people like hat some messed up things in ourcollect right, there has to be a cultural demand, they type for thatkind of thing. For those people to want to cossume it you're right about that,and so I it gets all into everything we're talking about like the memes andthe viral and everything. Well, when you said Zyghist, you know this. You just you're helping me wrapthis up, because I think that I want to put these different coincidents intodifferent boxes. There's one is obviously that's just a coincidence andthose things are unique and curious and you can shrug your shoulders at themand and that's all they are. I think some stuff is like predictivprogramming, that's harder and, like you said, that's a totally differentepisode to try to pin down what those are and where they're coming from, andall of that I think some of the stuff,... you said with the pzychist likethere does appear to be this kind of collective unconscious, and I saw therewas a university that did a study on crossword puzzles and, like thesepeople had no access to these different crossrepulzals. They, I don't know if the study had them like staying at a hotelfor a weekend or whatever and the first day they gave them cross repulses thatthey had just made up and they didn't do as well on them, and then theystarted showing them cross. Repuzzles that had appeared the previous day onanother side of the world, and just because that quack that crossepuztlehad already you know been out there and people completed it like they seem tohave done statistically better on the cross reposal. So some of the stuff. Ithink that leads more into like synchronicity and stuff yeah, and there is also in might I s like superlimitedunderstanding of quantum physics. Aren't they just now researching thatthey can make like a proton appears simultaneously atthe moment of his creation, I'm puling stuff way out of whereverowas, like the entanglement that ideas out there that yeah quantenntanglement. That might bewhat it is but like what like the automobile like. Wasn't that,like kind of developed simultaneously in the US and yeah and any inventionany invention that we somebody would be like? Oh actually, Edison didn't inventthe light. Babhat was this guy. You know what I mean. All these thingshappen like that ecer's, always somebody else that isout there at basically the same time running to file a pat on something, and you know yyeah and like, and you see that inlike Youkw, like group, think and higve mind, and allthat kind of psychological phenomena. Wer people part of it just in the desire togo on to get along or you have to conform to like a strong lead orwhatever they all just kind of start. Agreeing on everything and likethit's ha culture is basically developed. You know, and how much of that is that justeverything kind of lines up right at the at the right time,where a bunch of people all have the same Erika moment because of thecircumstance or if there really is like some type of a six sense thing going on there a d?That's you Knon't kind of do research for thistopic that you brought up. I I really thought about it harder than I'd everthought about it before and secreticity something I've beeninterested in lately before this, and then I think it ties in to this topic as well. So the famous psychologist, Carl Young,came up with the concept of synchronicity and it just means thatevents that are meaningful coincidenceis if they occur with no basis for them happening, it seemed tobe meaningful, replated or no causal relationship. It seemd to be meanful orrelated so says, just as events may be connected by casuality. They may beconnected by meeting events connected by meaning need not have an explanationin terms of causality. So basically he's saying it's just to him: It's justas I'm kind of lost for the word here, butit mean t's just as much for him for a strange conincidence to happen as itmeans for him. For you know, a force being applied to an object makes theobject. Move like Hes, just he's a kind of as another aspect of the of human nature, but he had in a pastuset to argue for the existence of some type of paranormal to so I don't knowwhat thoughts you have on syncrenicity. I really don't understand it. I guessenough to even really comment on it too much. I just think that sometimesthere's something going on out there. That's beyond our understanding, that'sbeyond just the law of large Mumbers, that's beyond coincidence, and a lot of times, they're they'reinvolving around like very meaningful events in the history of mankind and in life or death situations, and some ofit I think it comes from above you know some ofthese may tie back to God. Some of these, I think, are paranormal orsupernatural nature and then some of them. I just think our strangecoincidence and we don't always get to know which ones are which yeah but SOM. Some of them are almost verifiable, and you know peoplehave used kind of secrenicities to to help investigate mysteries or tohelp reveal. You know things that they're trying todiscover about their own lives or in Carl young as an example where he had ayoung woman to patient who inspite h effort, they both made to kind of get a useful therapy. She just waslocked down. Basically, he said she she...

...couldn't make any progress, because shealways knew better about everything, so she always had the answer she couldn'tbe shaken at all and one day she was telling him about a dream. She had thenight before where someone had given her a golden scare up like a reallybeautiful piece of jewelry and she's, telling about the Jane Beis ismemorable. This weird gold, SCIRRUP and wash he's listening to her talk. Hehears something behind him: Gently Tapp it on the window. He opens it up, it'sa giant golden scare beetle and he hands it. Her said here is your scaruband that just led ou a break through in her therapy, because she could finally,like it, shook her enough to be open to therapy so lik, it's a cool Mer, so shedreamt the scarab before she received it. Yes, she dropped about the Skarub as apiece of jewelry, but while she was telling this to Carl Young, a scare up flup to hiswindow- and it was golden in color so yeah that stuff is weird- we need to doan episode about dreams. One day too, because maybe dreams are just a part ofsynchronicity. I mean this is a fascinating topic. It's toomuch for one episode. You know remember how we used to talk about. Ithink it's that Clovan Point Aro or whatever his particular Harrowhead yeah, showedup all over the world. At the same time, different things like that, I mean Ithink that might be an example of sychranicity cultures that don't didn't,have any ability to talk to each other or even travel to see each other aredoing the same things around the world. At the same time or like you know, youjust gave that example of the dream and then there's something in her wakinglife the next day that mimics that some of the stuff. You know you could be asceptic and say that like it's near enough, but it's not identical, so itdoesn't count, but it meant something to her. It was significant for her. Itwas t e sign that she was looking for. Some of this stuff might beinterpretation, but it was well worth looking into and talking about- and Iwant to thank you for joining me tonight and calling in fromyour bunker, I hope, t t you stay safe and that this corona virus thing goesaway pretty soon, so we can get back and have you at the main femeof bunkerat the West camp, get down here to the studio some time soon, yeah. I hope so too. I hope you saysafe and I really never will say. That's just a coincidence. Yeah meneither, I think, that's cool yeah, but can I almost I'll so myeqoro book.

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