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Episode · 4 weeks ago

Murder Lake update part 2

In our second update on the Bryon Macron case, we talk to another listener/research team member named Scott. Scott has been doing a tremendous job looking at the surveillance video and other key pieces of evidence. He fills us in all of his discoveries. 

Episode · 4 weeks ago

Murder Lake update part 1

In part 1 we get an update on the Bryon Macron case from one of our listeners/researchers named Bob. Bob has been doing some stellar work on this case, and you gotta hear what he has found!

Episode 11 · 2 months ago

Murder Lake- The End?

This is the final episode of the Murder Lake series (at least until an arrest is made) In this episode we try and tie up loose ends, weigh and debate the top theories and tell you about our plans for the future. However, this episode is still packed with surprises! We will be playing new and exciting eye witness testimony and some amazing audio clips we found while combing through the BCI files. 

Episode 13 · 3 months ago

The Murder Lake BCI Files

Think this case is solved? Think again Danny, Darren and Rick go through the BCI file and find that this isn't the slamdunk the media and authorities tried to paint it as. There are glaring inconsistencies and some eyebrow-raising discoveries. We play you the actual police interviews and much more.